Height : 6'2

Eyes : Brown

Hair : Brown

Suit: 42L


Deadliest Decade (2018)

It's Normal (2018)

Pandora's Box (2017)

Meme (2017)

Six Degrees of Murder (2017)

Deadline (2016)

True Crime (2016)

Downshift (2014)

On the Case (2011)

Killers (2009)

Bedlam (2008)

Winter in New York (2007)

Across the Universe (2007)

Shane (the life and times) (2005)

Bob (supporting)

Phil (supporting)

Com. Benitez (supporting)

Carlos (supporting)

John Paul Garcia (lead)

Young Roy Ojeda (lead)

Police Officer #1 (Day Player)

Charming (lead)

Cyril (lead)

Cathal (supporting)

Damien (lead)

Carlos (lead)

Protester (background)

Cleo Taurus (supporting)


Phillip Andry was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas.  He moved to New York City in 2004 to pursue a career in acting.  Since then he has appeared in numerous films, commercials and live hosting events.  

Bill Kerr/Lion Television

Nicole Solomon/4 mile circus

Sharp Entertainment/ID

Sean Mannion/ 4 mile circus

Andrea De Brito/ Lion Television

NBC Universal

NBC Universal

Ryan Schmitz/Big Whiskey Pic.

Investigation Discovery

Diego Zambrano

Ian Cinco/Our Story Prod.

Christian Vinces/Amaru Films

Julie Taymore/Period Musicals Inc

Matt Cross/D-Town Productions




WNBC - Weather Frustration

NIMA Peanut Sensor.

Lumi Tact

Pioneer Bank

Buffalo Blue

IBM Corporate Vid.

WNBC Frustration

Hhgregg - FOBO

Berkeley College

Bryant and Stratton College

Fisher Price - Auto Rock

Sysco - Chopped Impossible

Nippon Express - Green Moving 

Lynx Touch

Arrow Exterminating

Guy Shoveling Snow


Fireman (Host)




Guy Throwing Phone


Guidance Counselor

Court Officer

Latin Husband

Sysco Exec. Chef

American Mover

Latin Husband

Party Guest

Bernard J. Hunt Images

Disruption Magazine

DEG Productions


Clarabelle Co.

Particle 3

Bernard J. Hunt Imagaes


Talent Ent. and Media

DMB Productions

TP Commerical Services

Alkemy X

Nobu Films




2010 - present

2010 - present

Live Show Hosting

BAMcafe Live

Live Music Host

Brooklyn Academy of Music

Special Skills

Sports:  Football, Basketball, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Moto-Cross, Golf, Tennis, Racquetball, Golf

Driving: Manual Transmission, Motorcycles


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